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Corporate Law

Since its establishment, Bajić & Popović Law Office has been continuously providing services to a large number of legal entities from various fields of industry. We are pleased to have achieved successful long-term cooperation with clients from the private sector, in all segments and levels of economic activity, and that cooperation and providing legal services we perform with the same attention and zeal as on the first day of cooperation. Our mission and the main task is to provide each client with: legal logistics and assessment at the time of establishment, dynamic progress and safe business development, following changes in economic and financial flows with the utmost attention, as well as relevant changes in positive laws and regulations.

Shareholder, Founder or Entrepreneur?
If you already have a business plan to start your own business and need legal assistance, we present you the legal areas for which Bajić & Popović Law Office can provide legal services.

Some of the areas of Corporate Law that our clients have entrusted to us in full confidence are the following:

  • proposing the appropriate legal form of the legal entity,
  • establishment of a company,
  • establishment of medical institutions, health care institutions, educational institutions, associations, tour operators,
  • drafting article of association,
  • registration of any type of change with the competent authorities,
  • counseling and legal preparation in the process of increasing or decreasing capital,
  • reorganization of companies through a change of legal form and status change,
  • providing advisory services and facilitation in the field of organizing management board meetings of and assembly meetings of legal entities, including preparation of the necessary supporting documentation,
  • counseling related to management of the company, including assistance to the management regarding compliance with regulations in daily operating,
  • performing due diligence,
  • corporate tax consulting,
  • consulting in the field of banking,
  • counseling on restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy,
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings.

Rights of foreigners

In today's conditions of high-mobility global market, there is an inevitable need to provide legal services in this area to foreign investors, current owners of companies of foreign origin, as well as foreigners who have decided to spend some time in our country. It is certainly necessary to emphasize that the position of foreigners in terms of residence, domicile and acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia is regulated by several regulations, and there is an obligation to conduct the procedure of acquisition of these rights in accordance with the law. When providing legal services to our clients, there is a constant need for their domicile, residence or acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia to be additionally regulated or harmonized with regulations.

We are pleased to have successfully provided these services to a large number of foreigners, and in addition we are pleased to point out that we have continued to provide legal services to the same persons in other areas of law.

If you have a residence in a foreign country or you are a foreign national, or if you are our citizen and want to renounce Serbian citizenship, we invite you to get acquainted with certain services we provide in this area of ​​law:

  • visa approval procedure,
  • procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit or permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia,
  • procedure for obtaining work permits for foreigners,
  • opening non-resident bank accounts,
  • providing legal assistance in purchase of real estate in the Republic of Serbia.

Commercial law

The act of entering into a legal relationship causes numerous consequences because by putting your signature on a document you can accept disproportionate obligations and additional responsibilities. Our team compiles and corrects legal affairs in the field of business operations on a daily basis, all with the aim of legal protection and security of our clients:

  • drafting and amending contracts for sale of goods, including contracts with foreign elements, which require knowledge of relevant international conventions,
  • drafting and correction of distribution agreements, both from the aspect of distributor protection and from the aspect of the principal, bearing in mind that our clients are some of the most renowned companies that deal with activities where distribution agreements are signed on a daily basis,
  • drawing up and amending other agreements in the field of commercial law, such as contracts for consultancy services, brokerage contracts, freight contracts, business and technical cooperation agreements, etc.,
  • representation of companies in commercial disputes in court and arbitration proceedings.

Investment, construction and engineering

With the development of technology and the entry into force of new regulations, there has been an inevitable need to provide services in this area. We are witnessing the largest construction expansion in our part of the world and we can see a construction site everywhere we go. We are pleased to have provided legal services to numerous investors, contractors, subcontractors and property owners from the very beginning of the expansion.

If you are an investor or engineering organization looking for appropriate and professional legal services, or if you are the owner of a property in need of legal protection when entering into a business relationship with investors, get familiar with some of the legal services we provide in this legal area:

  • obtaining all necessary permits from the competent authorities,
  • drafting and amending contracts with contractors and subcontractors.

Banking and financial law

Since its establishment, the Bajić & Popović Law Office has been integrated into the operations of commercial banks. Our team has gained extensive experience and expertise in long-term representation and status regulations of commercial banks. If you need to provide legal services in this area of law, get acquainted with the legal services we provide to our long-term clients:

  • bank establishment and status regulations,
  • drafting a variety of banking agreements and accompanying documents,
  • securities transactions,
  • representation of banks, insurance companies, investment funds, brokerage houses and other financial companies.

Labor law

It is with high certainty that we can say that employment relationship is the most dynamic legal relationship. A long-term working relationship between an employer and an employee necessarily entails the need for such a relationship to be improved or changed. In recent years, our labor legislation has regulated numerous areas of work and employment. Our team provides legal services in various areas of labor law, engagement other than employment, as well as special forms of work engagement.

If you are employer and need correction or innovation of the existing or new employment relationships, or if you are employee and need advice regarding your employment, here are the legal services we provide in this area:

  • drafting and amending employer's general acts, such as labor rulebook, rulebook on organization and job systematization, and other,
  • drafting and amending employment contracts, annexes to employment contracts,
  • compiling the necessary documentation for termination of employment, such as warning prior to cancelling of the employment contract, decisions on dismissal, termination of the employment contract by mutual consent, decisions on termination of employment, and other,
  • representation before courts in disputes regarding establishment, existence and termination of employment, disputes over rights, obligations and responsibilities arising from employment, as well as disputes regarding compensation for damages suffered by an employee at work or in relation to work.

Civil law

The field of civil law is the oldest and most extensive field of law. Disagreements inevitably arise in human relations, often leading to disputes. If you have an unresolved legal problem, we advise you to get acquainted with the areas of civil law in which we provide legal services to our clients:

  • drawing up all types of contracts in the field of civil law, such as contracts for the sale of real estate and movable property, gift agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, life care agreement,
  • drawing up pledge statements and mortgage agreements,
  • drawing up a will,
  • representation in property disputes, such as real estate disputes, damages disputes, insurance law disputes, annulment and termination of contracts, marital and family disputes, consumer disputes…,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings, primarily, representation of creditors for the collection of receivables;
  • representation in non-litigation cases

Administrative law

Administrative law is an area that each of us encounters almost every day. Even the seemingly simple and straightforward situations we encounter when dealing with administrative authorities are regulated by law, which results in the obligation for administrative authorities to act in a legal manner. Numerous, and not so generally known bylaws regulate this very broad area of ​​law in more detail, and the simplicity in passing these various regulations necessarily entails the need and obligation to get acquainted with the new bylaws on a daily basis. It is our duty, and at the same time our pleasure, that our legal team is constantly following and studying new regulations in the field of administrative law.

If you are in a long-term procedure or dispute in this area, or you think that we can help you exercise your rights before the administrative authorities, get acquainted with the areas for which we provide legal services in this interesting area:

  • drafting documents initiating administrative proceedings,
  • representation in proceedings before tax, inspection, cadastral, urban planning and any other state authorities, including drafting appeals against administrative acts,
  • representation in proceedings before the Administrative Court.

Misdemeanor law and economic offenses

The diverse and broad field of misdemeanor law and the law of economic offenses entails the need for conscientious and professional provision of legal services. High fines and other sanctions that may be imposed for violating the regulations in the field of misdemeanor law and the law of economic offenses can directly and adversely affect your financial situation. With appropriate representation, in full compliance with the law and the rules of procedure, there is a possibility for the defendant to be released, or for his sanction to be reduced.

If misdemeanor or economic offence proceedings have been initiated against you, seek legal assistance without any delay, and on this occasion learn more about the services we provide to our clients in these areas:

  • Defense of accused natural and legal persons in misdemeanor proceedings and proceedings related to economic offenses,
  • Representation of aggrieved natural and legal persons in misdemeanor proceedings and proceedings related to economic offenses.

Personal data protection

New regulations in the field of personal data protection at the EU level, and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), have provided additional protection of personal data that we are obliged to disclose when encountering other persons or authorities. The law prescribes the obligation for all legal entities to adopt appropriate internal general rules that regulate personal
data they come into contact with through business activities. We would like to advise you to get informed on this new regulation of personal data protection, and that if you believe that your personal data has been misused in any way, or if you are a legal entity that has not yet issued the required regulations, seek professional legal assistance and learn more about the legal services we provide to our clients in this area of law:

  • full compliance of your businesspractices with the Law on Personal Data
    Protection and GDPR,
  • drafting rules and regulations on personal data protection, general privacy policy, privacy policy for employees and job candidates, contracts made with personal data processing companies, and so on.
  • representation in proceedings before the Commissioner for Personal Data

Intellectual property law

It is our pleasure to work with clients of creative spirit. We strive to promote original creations by respecting recognized copyright and rights regarding other similar works. If you are an author, performer, inventor, or need to protect your trademark, get familiar with the legal services we provide in this legal area:

  • protection and transfer of copyright,
  • trademark registration,
  • patent protection,
  • depositing of copyright,
  • protection of confidentiality and business secrets,
  • representation in intellectual property disputes.

Constitutional law

The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia imposes an obligation on all citizens and state bodies to protect the values and rights guaranteed by our Constitution. We suggest that you get familiar with the most important legal act and study the catalogue of all the guaranteed human, minority and other rights.

If you believe that an act or decision of a competent entity such as a state body has violated or weakened your rights guaranteed by the Constitution, find about the services we provide in this area. It is our duty, and a great pleasure, to stand up for those whose rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been violated or weakened.

  • filing constitutional complaints and representing in proceedings for protection of human rights before the Constitutional Court,
  • filing petitions and representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.